Environment and Sustainability at Strathberry

Our Approach

At Strathberry we acknowledge that our activities have a potential impact on the environment and therefore we have a duty to ensure we proactively manage all these impacts in a responsible and ethical manner. We are committed to reducing any environmental impact of the business by working to ensure that every aspect of our business incorporates the principles of sustainability, wherever possible.


Our Products

We aim to create new and exciting designs which incorporate the following sustainability principles in an innovative and practical manner, without causing detriment to the quality of our products:


  • Minimising wastage during the design stage by optimising pattern pieces and reducing the number of different materials in use
  • Re-using wastage in innovative ways, such as the development of Small Leather Goods and personalisation options for customers
  • Sourcing our materials from sustainable and ethical suppliers
  • Minimising carbon footprint, where possible, on travel and shipments
  • Supporting the artisans, both local and worldwide, in highlighting our Strathberry craftmanship values
  • Continuing to produce high quality products and supporting our customers in their long-term maintenance, to ensure they remain timeless pieces 


Our Packaging

All our tissue paper, outer cartons and enclosing customer notes are fully recyclable. We regularly review how we can improve their environmental properties by considering alternative materials.

We are actively researching options for all other packaging materials to be either fully recyclable or made from recycled materials, and commit to achieving this ahead of our SS21 collection.


Our Operations

We conduct annual audits and identify ongoing improvement opportunities for our internal operations. We strive to:

  • Create awareness and encourage sustainable staff practices.
  • Operate and promote an active recycling system, seeking to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, where possible.
  • Monitor our energy use and set targets to reduce each year.
  • Support local suppliers and work with the local community, where possible
  • Ensure all our office, retail and production sites are accessible by public transport and promote sustainable travel options to staff
  • Continue to develop strong working practices by engaging, supporting and developing staff within all areas of the organisation.


Strathberry Sustainability Targets

Sustainability and the impact our business has upon the environment is central to our business practice and we aim to continually review and improve all our processes. In doing so, we commit to achieving the following goals:

  • All packaging to be fully recyclable or made of recycled materials ahead of our SS21 collection
  • Internal energy use at our Edinburgh Head Office and London Retail Stores to reduce year-on-year.
  • Carbon offsetting initiatives to be underway by Q1 2020 – more news to follow here!